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Guided tours to European cheese factory in Shabo

  • Modern cheese factory meets the European standards and uses up-to-date and authentic Dutch equipment and technologies;
  • Small original farm with animals you can pet or feed;
  • There is a playground, cafe, photo zone and brand shop. After the tour, you can have a rest and discuss the experience while your children play nearby;
  • If you need a tour for five or more people, please be sure that you have booked it in advance.

Unforgettable experience provided by European cheese factory

The fascinating world of cheese During this excursion, you will see how we make cheese and will taste the finest examples of the final product. For the cheese fans, we have VIP tours with degustation.
Corporate and individual tours There is a cafe, playground, recreation area and a small animal farm. Both adults and children will enjoy the visit.
Exclusive cheeses and knick-knacks You can buy the cheese you liked or some souvenirs in our brand shop.
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Amazing guided tours to European cheese factory in Shabo

  • Fascinating cheese factory tours, during which you will see the secrets of cheese production and will taste the finest final products;
  • VIP tours with degustation for the gourmets and fans: learn more about how to serve cheese and how to feel the full range of taste. You will find the best examples of our selected products on the buffet table;
  • There is a cafe, playground, recreation area and small animal farm where you can pet calves and get to know more about how to milk cows;
  • When the tour ends, you are welcomed to our brand shop. Here, you will be able to purchase souvenirs or the cheese you liked.


Common tour A tour with cheese degustation A tour with cheese & wine degustation A tour with degustation
in raclette style
Individual tour with
VIP degustation
100 UAH / person 170 UAH / person 280 UAH / person 350 UAH / person 750 UAH
You will learn more about the cheese factory: how we take care of cows, feed and milk them. Also, you will be able to see the cheese making process and our equipment.
Duration: 40-45 minutes
When the tour ends, you are welcomed to taste 5 types of our best cheese. Each guest gets a personal plate and will visit our cheese storage.
Duration of degustation: 7-10 minutes
When the tour ends, you will be guided to the special room to taste 6 types of a young cheese, 2 glasses of wine, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and cheese sticks.
Duration of degustation: 40-50 minutes
(Note: the tour takes place at 11, 13, 15 and 17 hours if there is a group of at least 5 people)
You will fry the Cypriot halumi cheese yourself.
And then eat the raclette. Hot potatoes with ham, abundantly poured with melted Swiss cheese, will not leave anyone indifferent! And of course we offer all this yummy with a glass of good red wine. P.S. We have a lot of cheese and wine, nobody will go hungry
This is an individual guided tour with an opportunity to taste 6 types of matured cheeses and selected wines (Shabo Reserve and Porto). Nuts, dried and fresh fruits, cheese sticks and sauces are included.
Duration 60 minutes

The tours with degustation are held each hour from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.
For individual VIP tasting, cheese + wine tasting and hot tasting, an appointment is required. Groups of at least 5 people.
0-5 years old children may visit the factory for free.
6-14 years old children get 50 uah discount.

We work without days off. A shop in the cheese factory is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


European cheese factory is located in Shabo, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky District of Odesa Oblast, 12 km from Zatoka urban-type settlement and 75 km from Odesa.

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st. Shvejcarskaja 20, Shabo, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky District of Odesa Oblast
067 010 1105, 097 790 0228, 0674844069, 0970730271
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