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European Cheese Factory in Shabo

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Сир м`який СТРАЧАТЕЛЛА (баночка 250г) 115 UAH/pcs
Ripening period:
Без дозрівання
Fat content:
Мінимум 50%
115 UAH
Сир розсільний Качокавало 509 UAH/kg
Ripening period:
8 тижнів
Fat content:
Мінімум 55% жиру
178.15 UAH
Сир Ricotta Salata 218 UAH/kg
Ripening period:
Без дозрівання
Fat content:
Мінімум 30% жира
76.3 UAH
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European Cheese Factory - a new, modern cheese factory built according to the European model.
The European cheese factory uses the latest and authentic equipment from Holland, as well as original Dutch technology.
More details
European technologies
Modern cheese factory that meets the highest European standards and uses top-notch and authentic Dutch equipment and technologies.
Full production cycle
From feed cultivation to raw milk processing and making the final product — high-quality cheese — the factory provides the full production cycle.
Strict quality control
We control each and every step while creating our cheese, from the raw milk to the final product presented in the brand store.
Amazing guided tours to
European cheese factory in Shabo.
  • We hold fascinating guided tours to the cheese factory in order to introduce our guests to the secrets of cheese making process, give a glimpse of cheese tastes and treat with delicacy;
  • There is a cafe, playground, recreation area and animal farm where you can find more information about how to take care of cows and feed them by yourselves;
  • There is a shop where you can buy knick-knacks and the cheeses you liked;
  • If you need a tour for five or more people, please be sure that you have booked it in advance.
Our cheese in the shops of your city
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